Precision manufacturing and clean-room assembly for semiconductor OEMs

Copy-exact expertise

Our copy-exact capabilities ensure consistency throughout the entire manufacturing process, producing uniform results time and again. We have deep experience working with high-purity materials, including RSA 443, 316L VIM-VAR, and 316L VAR. Our precision-manufacturing processes include lapping, honing, and grinding, enabling us to create high Ra surface finishes without burnishing.

Semiconductors parts in titanium and high-nickel alloys

Clean-room assembly

For critical components requiring assembly in an ultra-clean environment, we provide clean-room assembly services. Our tested and calibrated final assemblies adhere to your strictest cleanliness requirements. Highly trained technicians assemble your components in a clean room rated at 1,000 ppm with a Class 100 hood.

  • Designated, filtered air supply
  • Controlled for temperature, humidity, pressure, and air flow
  • Dust-free—never exceeds 1,000 particles per cubic foot
  • Mitigated contamination risk during shipment and storage
  • Value-added integration combines complex machining and clean-room assembly services

Value-added services

Excellence in precision manufacturing goes beyond state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Our depth of capabilities means we can machine your tight-tolerance parts; then our highly trained assembly technicians can build, test, and calibrate your most intricate assemblies. Semiconductor OEMs rely on ALIGN PRECISION to bring value to their supply chain and internal operations.

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