ALIGN PRECISION creates a culture of excellence at its nationwide facilities

Bill Buckley working photo and close up of interview
Bill Buckley

Purchasing Supervisor

From the heart

"I've been here 27 years, and I've enjoyed every minute of it—and that's from my heart." Bill says ALIGN PRECISION is the ideal place to start a career in manufacturing, especially for younger people. "The future looks extremely promising for ALIGN."

Kate Paice working photo of machining and close up of interview
Kate Paice

CNC Machinist

Feeling important and necessary

Kate loves to expand her knowledge of the machining process with the help of her experienced co-workers and others around her. "That creates that teamwork that makes you feel part of something. ...That's the cool part, feeling important and necessary."

Joseph Garvey working photo of machining and close up of interview
Joseph Garvey

CNC Operator

The world needs machinists

The "precision" of ALIGN PRECISION is more than a name, it's a reputation, Joseph says. "Not many companies do what we do." That's why companies worldwide rely on ALIGN for their precision projects, he says. "The world needs machinists. There's a great future here."

Tom McGrath working photo and close up of interview
Tom McGrath


A fast-moving, forward-thinking company

Tom loves being part of the innovative team at ALIGN PRECISION and contributing to the growing, positive environment. "Working at ALIGN PRECISION is a fantastic career move. I'm thankful every day I get to work with the people I do."