Precision-manufacturing expertise to a range of demanding high-tech industries

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Materials Expertise

No matter your material needs, we have deep experience in a range of aluminums and hard metals, from high-nickel-based alloys to titanium to high-purity materials.

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Engineering & Design

Our engineering teams have the knowledge and experience to determine the ideal solutions for your parts, components, and subassemblies—aligned with your business.

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Precision Machining

Our deeply experienced team answers your call for intricate, tight-tolerance parts and components using state-of-the art machining equipment and technologies.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision metal-forming solutions for complex components, structural assemblies, and skins. Capabilities include complex hydroforming plus titanium and aluminum expertise.

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Special Processing

Our in-house finishing options include chemical bonding and NADCAP-certified processes such as anodizing, penetrant inspection, passivation, etching, and painting.

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Customized Services

Our customized services deliver you market-ready products with shortened timelines, a lower total cost of production, and related supply chain integration.

Quality Assurance

OEMs in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and high-tech industries demand the tightest tolerances and most exacting finishes. We deliver with a relentless pursuit of perfection.