Precision-manufacturing expertise, technology, and processes

F-15 Eagle an American fighter aircraft

Your partner for manufacturing excellence

Aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and evolving high-tech industries require extreme precision in the manufacturing of their parts and assemblies. As your collaborative partner, we align our expertise, technologies, and processes to achieve the tight tolerances required for your demanding applications. Nationwide, our skilled teams have decades of experience working with hard metals, aluminums, alloys, and other exotic materials.

Precision-manufacturing expertise

From fracture-critical structural parts for aerospace and defense programs to copy-exact components and assemblies for semiconductor and evolving high-tech applications, our support for industry-leading OEMs is aligned with your exacting standards.

ALIGN Expertise in Aerospace, Defense, Semiconductor, High-tech Industries


Experienced supplier of precision-machined structural components and subassemblies in a wide range of materials for large-scale, fracture-critical applications.


Exacting quality in the production of fracture-critical parts with advanced geometries and tight tolerances in hard metals, aluminums, and exotic alloys.


Copy-exact manufacturing and clean-room subassembly services with deep knowledge in high-purity materials and meticulous attention to surface-finish quality.


Superior manufacturing services from start to finish meeting even the most challenging requirements of evolving high-tech applications and industries.

State-of-the-art facilities nationwide

With multiple Centers of Excellence and 1,000-plus precision specialists, ALIGN PRECISION offers the capacity and scale you need. Your programs go further faster, with accuracy and performance you can count on. We invest heavily in precision-manufacturing technologies and adhere to stringent quality processes.

ALIGN manufacturing facility